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About Monark

Monark is a property development financier that has seen remarkable project visions and wealth goals realised for over a decade.

Backed by the Bori Liberman family office, and high-net-worth private investors, we are passionate about forging valuable long-term relationships that produce remarkable results.

We are an experienced, multidisciplinary team with property development, construction, credit risk and financial structuring expertise.

A partnership with Monark is a relationship characterised by mutual trust and accessibility, delivered with care and a desire for shared success.


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Focusing on the Australian middle property market, a sector underpinned by significant demand and price stability, Monark is today one of Australia’s premier property financiers.

Monark’s development focus:




end value

We create tailored funding solutions across the capital stack.

Financial Services

Senior Debt

Monark provides senior debt for both land acquisition and construction either stand-alone or together with mezzanine debt and/or preferred equity.  Having a single source of capital from Monark provides certainty to the transaction.

Mezzanine Debt

Monark provides developers financial solutions to realise their vision. The use of mezzanine debt allows a developer to reduce the amount of equity for the project, freeing up capital for use elsewhere.



Joint Venture Equity

Monark partners and collaborates with developers to deliver on collective goals, including joint venture equity solutions. This provides an alternative to traditional equity raising, with added flexibility for developers.

Joint Venture Equity Projects

Portfolio Allocation

Senior Debt

Mezzanine Debt

Joint Venture Equity

Portfolio Locations