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Monark Prime Credit Fund

The Monark Prime Credit Fund is a diversified portfolio of secured private debt facilities originated by Monark. Each facility is secured by a first-ranking registered mortgage on Australian property. Our overriding priority is to safeguard capital and then to maximise returns.

Key Features

Partnering with an experienced, established real estate financier and investor with an unblemished track record.

Expected stable and consistent investment returns generally uncorrelated with volatile investment markets.

The Fund is open-ended. Facility repayments will be redeployed in the Fund thereby providing investors with ongoing access to Monark’s highly regarded secured private debt opportunities.

Target returns provided by a diversified portfolio of first-ranking registered private debt facilities with Australian property as collateral.

Basic 0.5% per annum administration fee with no entry, exit or performance fees.

Strong cash yield with a substantial premium to the current official cash rate as determined by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Conservative loan-to-value ratio (with a maximum weighted average LVR of 65% over the portfolio) providing substantial protection against investment loss.

Investment focus in the Australian ‘middle property market’ – mid-sized developments in selected, premium geographical areas that have historically shown limited volatility and reduced exit risk.

Investor alignment with a material investment in the Fund made by Monark’s shareholders and executives on the same terms, and in the same unit class, as other investors.

Opportunity to invest with one of Australia’s most respected and substantial family offices on the same terms.

Preferred access to Monark’s highly sought-after direct investment opportunities.

An intention to facilitate limited liquidity where investors seek to exit.

Awarded ‘Superior’ 4-star rating / High Investment Grade by independent research house SQM.