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If you have a well-designed boutique residential or office development in the middle-ring suburbs of Australia, with the backing of one of Australia’s largest family offices and the unparalleled expertise of our multidisciplinary team, Monark can make remarkable outcomes possible for the developer.

Picture: Monark Co-Founders, Adam Slade-Jacobson and Michael Kark

Monark’s key point of difference to the plethora of other non-bank lenders in the market vying for a developer’s business is encapsulated in two simple words “partnership” and “relationship”.


“At Monark, we partner with developers to identify, build and deliver their quality projects. Our goal is to help bring these projects to life from architectural drawings to the finished product,” says Monark Chief Investment Officer and Co- Founder,  Adam Slade-Jacobson.


This means collaborating with its borrowers to provide construction funding solutions that align with their project’s particular circumstances.


It means being flexible, entrepreneurial and responsive in its approach to come up with a solution to match its deep pool of capital to the specific needs of a project, rather than a generic or vanilla loan.


Whether you require senior debt, stretched senior debt, mezzanine debt or a joint venture partner, Monark’s funding solution will always be tailored-made and appropriate to the outcome you are trying to solve.


This focus on coming up with tailored funding solutions means developing a strong relationship with developers to ensure a win-win outcome: a profitable project for the developer, and market related returns for Monark’s investors.

“We seek long-term relationships, not transactional opportunities. Repeat business allows us to partner with developers to achieve their long-term aspirations,” says Monark Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Michael Kark.


To achieve this, Monark has developed over the last decade, an experienced team that understands not just how to successfully finance a project but has deep knowledge of the inner suburban development market and its drivers of demand as well as the intricacies and challenges of the construction process.


“In essence, this means we are ‘property people who lend money’, not ‘money people who lend against property’,” explains Monark Director, Construction and Risk, Paul McIntyre.


Being a true partner and placing value on relationships with visionary developers of bankable projects means Monark has been able to do its best work in challenging environments like now.


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